Best Airbnb Host Reviews Samples

Best Airbnb Host Reviews Samples

Best Airbnb Host Reviews Samples

Airbnb has a review system where guests and hosts review their stays. And as part of learning Airbnb 101, these Airbnb reviews play an essential role in securing Airbnb bookings. That’s why Airbnb encourages guests and hosts to write a review of their stay. But writing host reviews for every guest stay can be challenging, especially for newly listed Airbnb hosts. In addition, writing host reviews can make you run out of ideas and leave you lost for words. But don’t fret, as I’m going to share some host Airbnb reviews for guests’ samples you can use with you. 

Benefits of Airbnb Reviews For Guests And Hosts

If you think Airbnb reviews only benefit guests, you’re wrong. Both guests and hosts benefited from the two-way review system provided by Airbnb. Furthermore, Airbnb reviews for guests offer various benefits to hosts. Airbnb host reviews give the following benefits to hosts:

Host reviews help in guest screening. 

Host reviews provide insights about guests’ past listing stays. In addition, host reviews enable the host to screen guests before accepting their reservations. 

Writing Airbnb host reviews for guests also encourages guests to leave reviews.

Once you leave a review, Airbnb will notify the guests and encourage them to respond and leave feedback. 

Guest reviews help build guests’ trust.  

According to Travel Daily Media, Americans read an average of 17 reviews before booking accommodation. Moreover, a guest review is a social proof of the host’s trustworthiness. Furthermore, numerous positive reviews entice guests to book your listing. Also, leaving host reviews motivates guests to leave reviews as well. Reviews will cause increased listing occupancy and higher income.

Receiving numerous positive guest reviews helps you earn a Superhost badge. 

Airbnb performs a quarterly assessment for hosts. Hosts who perform outstanding hosting duties can earn a SuperHost badge. Superhost’s listings receive more priority in search results, thus increasing the listing’s visibility and occupancy rate. Hosts can earn a SuperHost badge when: 

  • Completed at least 10 bookings or 3 bookings (total of 100 nights).
  • Actively responds to guests’ inquiries. 
  • With a low cancellation rate (at least one percent). 
  • Has an overall guest rating of 4.8 or higher.

Increases your host ranking

Different factors affect Airbnb’s search algorithm. One of the most critical factors of Airbnb’s search algorithm is guest reviews. The more positive guest reviews your listing has, the higher your listing’s search ranking. Listings on top search results receive more visibility and chances of getting booked. 

Increases the chances of guests booking your listing again. 

Guests who feel satisfied and welcome typically book the same listing when traveling to the same area.

How Airbnb Reviews Work

Airbnb conducts a two-way review system that allows guests and hosts to leave a review of their stays. After check out, guests and hosts can leave a review of their stay within 14 days. Airbnb will post the reviews to the guests’ and hosts’ profiles after both parties submit their reviews or after the review period ends. Airbnb notifies both parties if any party leaves a review. But a host or guest cannot view the Airbnb review until the other party responds or the 14-day review period ends.  

How to Write Airbnb Reviews of Guests on the Airbnb Platform

With Airbnb’s user-friendly platform, writing host reviews is effortless. To write a host review for guests, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Airbnb host account in your web browser. 
  • Click the edit button.
  • Open the Reviews section.
  • Open the Reviews by You tab.
  • Start writing your review. 
  • Start by leaving a star rating. Star rating ranges from one to five. Rate guests based on their cleanliness, communication, and observance of house rules.
  • Write a public review. You can leave a public review of up to 1000 words. 
  • You can also add a private note for your guest. 
  • The last step is to answer the question if you would host the guest again.
  • Submit your review and wait for the guest’s response or after the 14-day review period is done.

Guidelines in Creating Good Airbnb Reviews For Guests

Creating good Airbnb reviews for guests is not only important in warning fellow Airbnb hosts for future bookings. A host review also helps increase guest satisfaction and customer loyalty. To make good Airbnb reviews of guests, you must make them personal. 

Doing personalized reviews appeals more to guests. It makes their experience more unforgettable. Here are some tips to make your host reviews more personal: 


Addressing your guests by their names makes your review more unique and personal. Addressing them in their names makes them feel important and validated, which helps build trust and loyalty.

State something specific about your guest.

Stating something specific that you liked about your guests helps hosts form some connection with guests.

Shower with praises and gratitude.

Positive compliments and gratitude make guests feel more valued. Praising your guests in reviews also helps them with their future bookings. 

Give background info about your guests.

Providing background info about your guests helps them build their profile in the Airbnb community. It also shows your attention to detail and connection to your guests.

Keep it casual and conversational.

Casual and conversational reviews feel more natural and personal.

Make them feel welcome.

By making them feel welcome, you encourage them to return and book your listing again.

How Airbnb Review Templates Help

Being an Airbnb host is already a lot of hard work. Hosting takes too much of your time, from guest inquiries to customer service and listing maintenance. Writing a host review for every stay adds up to the burden on Airbnb hosts. Having host review templates, you can easily tweak will help you efficiently manage your listings. It is readily available and will save you so much time and effort.

Best Airbnb Host Reviews Samples

Having ready-made review templates will surely make your Airbnb hosting easier. These are my Airbnb reviews go-to whenever I’ve run out of words or am too busy to write host reviews for guests. Here are some foolproof examples of good Airbnb reviews for guests:

  • It was wonderful to have (Guest name) and their friends stay with us at our property. (Guest name) is an excellent guest to have. They followed all our house rules and left the property clean. We hope to have (GN) stay with us again on her next trip to our property and the surrounding area. Always have safe travels and exciting adventures!
  • It’s a joy to host and welcome visitors from all over the world! Lovely, easygoing people, great communicators, and excellent care of the apartment. I would gladly welcome them back and, of course, would recommend them to any future host.
  • It was an honor to host (Guest name) for a few days while they explored the highlights of our city. We found them friendly, polite, and considerate guests who took excellent care of our property. With no hesitations, we highly recommend them to other hosts.
  • (Guest name) were wonderful guests. We found them pleasant to talk with, and they left the property in excellent condition after a (time frame) stay. They appeared to enjoy the scenery of the (city name). We would be delighted to host them again!
  • We had a fantastic time hosting (Guest name). The communication between them was pleasant and smooth from the start. When they arrived, they proved to be outstanding guests. We appreciate their visit and hope to see them again in the future. Thanks!

Keep on reading…

  • (Guest name) were wonderful guests. Communication was quick and straightforward. They left the apartment in the same state that they found it, clean and tidy. We highly recommend them to all hosts and would gladly host them again.
  • (Guest name) and company were fantastic and took excellent care of our home. They left our place immaculate–thank you so much for being such wonderful guests! You are welcome to return anytime.
  • One of our favorite visitors! (Guest name) communicated extremely well both before and during his stay. He’s/She’s a wonderful person who completely respected our space. We would gladly host them again. Thank you very much!
  • Lovely visitors! It was an honor to host (Guest name) and their friends. Communication was flawless! They left the apartment in excellent condition. If they ever return to (City name), I would be delighted to have them as my guests. I vouch for (Guest name) to other Airbnb hosts.
  • Wonderful guests who were a breeze to host! They were courteous and easy to communicate with both before and during their stay. We look forward to welcoming them back. Any host would enjoy hosting (Guest name).
  • (Guest name) was an outstanding guest! They were outspoken and friendly. It was very thoughtful of them to leave our place spotless before leaving. We communicated exceptionally well. I would gladly recommend them as a guest, and I hope to see them again someday!

This host Airbnb review for guests’ samples will surely save your day if you run out of ideas. Don’t forget to save yourself a copy of our killer Airbnb reviews sample. With just a little tweak, you have a personalized host review for your guests. 

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